Wildlife of the Region

Wildlife of Bella Coola Valley varies according to seasons, with the most abundant and spectacular wildlife and natural attractions typically toed to the salmon spawning season which is late August through October.

Over the winter months (November thought March) over-wintering and migrating birds frequent our estuary, and bald eagles fish the rivers and streams for the last of the spawning coho salmon.

Spring brings the first signs of  bears, (black and grizzly) emerging from their winter dens. First bear sign is usually late March or April on the valley floor, then these animals slowly migrate to the alpine areas for the summer before returning to the valley floor in mid to late summer for the salmon runs. Spring also brings waterfowl, songbirds and hummingbirds to the valley, along with increased raptor (eagles and hawks) activity.

Summer and fall is the time when there are opportunities for bear watching and it is very common to see white tail and black tail deer, foxes, martin, mink, wolves and occasionally cougars throughout the valley. Beavers are present in numerous ponds and their dams and lodges are easy to spot; however the animals themselves are primarily nocturnal, so late evening or early morning are best bets.