Helping Our Environment
& Guests Well Being

CabinThe concept of Bella Coola Mountain Lodge and selection of wilderness tours that we offer resulted from considerable thought on providing environmentally sensitive accommodations, and ecologically sustainable and educating tours. With professional backgrounds in aquatic biology and environmental sciences,  lodge owners and hosts provide an insight into coastal ecology  and sustainability that will inspire you to contribute to a greener environment, while insuring a comfortable and memorable stay.

With the owners both being creative and skilled designers and builders, the lodge's use of  recycled and reclaimed materials will be sure to impress. What  was once old is reborn in Bella Coola Mountain Lodge. From the restored 110 year old solid cedar feature walls, to the beachcombed exterior cedar siding, everything has been considered to reduce excessive resource use.

We always strive to reduce waste and recycle materials and were recently praised for our efforts by and, eco-search engine in the linked articles.

Our lodge and tour company also maintain active membership in BC Wilderness Tourism Association (BCWTA) and the Commercial Bear Viewing Association of BC (CBVA); two of the most prominent advocacy groups for promoting sustainable tourism.


How we help:

We take our role  in environmental stewardship and conservation seriously at Bella Coola Mountain Lodge. Being biologists, and having been raised in this region, we often go beyond the scope of  meeting normal community standards, which include:
  • recycling in rooms and common areas
  • sustainable flow shower heads in all rooms
  • high efficiency appliances and laundry facilities
  • composting of kitchen materials
  • use of compact florescent lights or LED to reduce energy
  • encouraging guests to re-use coffee and beverage cups at our espresso bar (Organic, Fair Trade Coffee served here...)
  • growing herbs and vegetables for guest meals in our gardens and greenhouse when feasible

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Along with these initiatives at the lodge we have also engaged the community by becoming leading members in resource stewardship, with management and stakeholder roles including:

  • Director of Bella Coola Watershed Conservation Society 
  • Director in Regional and Local Tourism Boards
  • Past member of Provincial Ecosystem Based Management Working Group 
  • Members of Central Coast Fisherman Protection Association 
  • Past Community Educational Coordinator for Department of Fisheries and Oceans
  • Stakeholders in Bella Coola Community Forests LTD. 
  • Registered Professional Biologist in BC (R.P.Bio).
View our Green House  online at  Garden Wise Magazine!

 Things we do beyond the norm, include:

  • promoting Bella Coola's first 'no idling' parking lot
  • donating used building materials to community and local government projects
  • reducing tour vehicle use by having guides carry bicycles as shuttle vehicles on tours where practical
  • salvaging and reusing building materials to the extreme (come see our cabin & greenhouse...)
  • sharing our building and recycling knowledge and experiences with guests and visitors
  • remaining current in Best Management Practices for wildlife viewing and wilderness sustainability

We would be glad to give you a tour of the property on your arrival.
We always strive to reduce waste and recycle materials and were recently praised for our efforts by and, eco-search engine in the linked articles.