Lodge History

in the heart of the Coast Mountains

Lodge-2009Bella Coola Mountain Lodge has a long and vibrant history in the Bella Coola Valley. First identified as the Nordschow family homestead at the end of the 19th century, it is believed the original homestead structure was built between 1895 and 1897. The building was then a simple 2 room solid cedar beam cabin, which was typical of the Norwegian settlers of that era. At times between 1900 and the 1930s, the building served as a boarding house or stopover in the valley for travelers making the then 5-7 day journey to Williams Lake. A replica of the original building stands across the road, as the Norwegian Heritage House - be sure to walk over and visit it.

Urseth HouseBetween 1950 and 1978, the homestead provided multi-family accommodations, until new owners purchased the building and began renovations into a dynamic single-family home and ultimately a multi-unit inn. During the 1980s, Les Koroluk developed a successful salmon fishing guiding company in the Bella Coola Valley and ultimately contributed to the creation of commercial bear viewing on the west coast of Canada, through his innovative approach of viewing bears silently from drift boats. It was during this development as a tourism destination that the main building structure was again re-converted to guest accommodations. In 1995, the building was officially re-opened as Brockton Place Guest House, after a ~75 year hiatus as a restful place for travelers.

Historic DocumentsDuring recent renovations, documents recovered from walls of the Inn originally placed there as 'time capsules' have reaffirmed the history of  this Bella Coola Valley landmark, including an original document written by Mr. Hagen B. Christensen (honorary namesake of Hagensborg), on the 7th anniversary of the landing or the Norwegian colonists (circa 1900), from which the following caption is cited...
"When we came here this was a howling wilderness, the abode of wild animals, wolves, lynxs and bears with the grizzly bear supreme ruler" -
Hagen B Christensen, Founder of Hagensborg

In 2003, Holly and Fraser purchased the lodge (then Brockton House Inn) from Fraser's father and began extensive renovations. With expansion of a tourism and adventure guiding company, renovations of interior and exterior areas, and addition of a towering and impressive third floor with cedar log work and architectural features, the lodge is sure to stand out.

Wishing to focus their energy on Kynoch Adventures and other pursuits, Holly and Fraser sold the lodge in late 2016. New owners Jayme Kennedy and Pete Kovanda bring with them over 30 years of combined experience in the tourism industry and look forward to upholding Bella Coola Mountain Lodge's strong tradition and history of providing comfortable accommodation and memorable experiences.

bella coola grizzly tours at CML sunset entrance at lodge greenhouse and cabin