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Adults $90.00     Children <16 50%                             May 15 through August 15

Eco-Rafting is a combination of ecological interpretation and a scenic wilderness river drift through the unique coastal habitat of BC's Bella Coola Valley, accompanied by a biologist and river guide!!! Trips are available on the Bella Coola or Atnarko Rivers and range from 3 to 5 hours, making it a perfect afternoon or morning excursion. Longer eco-adventures are available and all trips include snacks and/or lunch.
Eco rafting atnarko river
Eco-rafting trips focus on various natural habitat and topics, depending on the season and ecosystem activity at that time. You can expect to see a variety of British Columbia wildlife and fish, as well as being able to ask your biologist/guides questions about the coastal region and the temperate rain forests of Western Canada.

Daily Trips June to August

From May through July numerous birds, including eagles, waterfowl, kingfishers, merlin, heron and songbirds congregate in the biologically diverse riparian areas adjacent to Bella Coola Valley's rivers and streams, flourishing in British Columbia's lush coastal temperate rain forest. Small mammals including otter, mink, fox, beaver and deer are also commonly seen.

Bella Coola rafting Rafting atnarko river Bella Coola Raft

Black bears are active throughout most of the summer and fall throughout the Bella Coola Valley and chances of seeing single bears or family groups is favourable on any trip!!! For a period of a few weeks in August and September, grizzly bears congregate along the river banks, stalking the Pacific salmon that will supply their energy and fat reserves for their dormant winter period. These majestic animals are often seen on our late group tour Bella Coola river eco raftingsummer and fall trips!

Eco-Rafting is a popular family-friendly activity and an excellent way for groups to discover the hidden areas of the Central Coast of Western Canada and Great Bear Rain Forest in complete comfort.

Groups of 4 to 12 guests can be accommodated, with individuals, couples or families also welcome on any tours!

Call our office to learn the best times to see the various wildlife Bella Coola is famous for in pristine wilderness!

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