Grizzly Bear Viewing Tours

Bella Coola, British Columbia Canada

Small Group Tours   (Join a group of 6 maximum) from        $160.00 p/p (Min. 4)
Private Tours           (2 guests in a private boat with guide)    $700.00 /2 guests

Children <15 years must join Family/Private Tour. Inquire for details.

Grizzly Bear viewing, British Columbia, BC, Canada, Bella Coola, Tours, grizzly,  KynochBear watching in Bella Coola is best from mid August into October, when dozens of grizzly bears congregate in the company of bald eagles and black bears to feed on spawning salmon throughout the Bella Coola Valley on BC's west coast of Canada.

Our guided grizzly bear watching trips in river drift boats and rafts provide unique opportunities to see these animals from the river wilderness while they feed and fish for salmon on the rivers edge. Grizzly bear watching extraordinaire!

 The Bella Coola River is formed at the confluence of the Atnarko and Talchako Rivers, near the western boundary of Tweedsmuir Provincial Park, providing a natural transit route to bisect the Bella Coola Valley's diverse ecosystems. For a period of a few weeks in August and September, grizzly bears congregate along the river banks, stalking the Pacific salmon that will supply their energy and fat reserves for their dormant winter period. These majestic Grizzly bears are often seen on our late summer and fall grizzly viewing trips!

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Bear watching on rafting tour for grizzly bear viewing in bella CoolaOur Grizzly Bear Watching & Wildlife Viewing tours are the perfect wilderness holiday activity. Tours encompass both rivers of Tweedsmuir Park as we drift in comfortable rigid bottom dories or expedition rafts in the great bear rainforest. Silently floating down the river, we have the opportunity to observe British Columbia's wildlife in pristine habitat without disrupting the animal's natural behavior.

Unlike platform-based bear viewing, our bear tours are at river level, giving you a sense of  being in the wilderness with the animals you are watching. Our Small Group & Private Tours operate in the same river section and are approximately the same duration. The primary difference is the number of people in each boat.

adventure tours to view grizzlies catching salmon or grazing in alpineJoin professional river guides and biologists for a memorable wilderness drift on one of these classic rivers of Canada, then return to comfortable lodging and accommodations at Bella Coola Mountain Lodge. For memorable adventure tours watch Bella Coola grizzlies catching salmon, feeding on grasses, lounging on river banks and swimming in the clear Atnarko River. 

Our bear watching rafting tours are approximately 4-5 hours in length and suited to most abilities.

Daily River Trips August 15 to October 30,
Reservations required! Small Group Min. 4 guests. Groups with Children <15 yrs inquire - private tours

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*** 72 hr cancellation period required for all tours.


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 Grizzly Bears of Bella Coola BC in the Great Bear Rain Forest

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sow and cub grizzly bear on river bar

Other Wildlife Viewing Opportunities

While bear viewing is our premiere holiday experience, from May through September numerous birds, including eagles, waterfowl, kingfishers, merlin, heron and songbirds congregate in the biologically diverse riparian areas adjacent to Bella Coola Valley's rivers and streams, flourishing in the lush coastal temperate rain forest of Canada's West Coast. Small mammals including otter, mink, fox, beaver and deer are also commonly seen. Excursions or hiking tours to the alpine often result in seeing deer, mountain goats, marmot or black bears.

Black bears are active throughout most of the summer and fall throughout the Bella Coola Valley and chances of seeing single bears or family groups is favorable on any trip!

Guidelines for Sustainability

guided rafting and hiking in the great bear rain forest of british columbia, bc grizzly tours, bears, guided, tour, adventures,wildlife, wildlife viewing, wilderness, Kynoch Adventures bear viewing guides are professional biologists and naturalists with certification from the  Commercial Bear Viewing Association of British Columbia (CBVA).
Bella Coola Mountain Lodge and Kynoch Adventures have worked in cooperation with BC Parks and other tour operators in the region to implement a series of wildlife viewing protocols that provide animals the space they need for uninterrupted behaviour and reducing possibilities of humans negatively affecting animals in a tour environment.

Holly and Fraser, Kynoch West Coast Adventures' founders and primary guides, are professional environmental biologists, having worked in wilderness areas completing fish and wildlife research and ecological projects throughout British Columbia, Canada, and have an intimate respect for wildlife and the ecology of the region.

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Visit Bella Coola BC Canada for an extraordinary grizzly bear watching wilderness tour or other exciting wildlife experiences in the great bear rain forest. Bella Coola is only a 1 hour flight north of Vancouver British Columbia and lodging, accommodations and all transfers can be arranged.