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Sustainability in Action

The concept of #BellaCoolaMountainLodge (BCML) resulted from considerable thought on providing environmentally sensitive accommodations and operating on a philosophy that takes ecological sustainability into account. As your hosts we hope to provide an insight into coastal ecology and #sustainability that will inspire you to contribute to a greener environment, while insuring a comfortable and memorable stay.

What was once old is reborn in Bella Coola Mountain Lodge. From the use of recycled and #reclaimed materials for finishing to the restored 110-year-old solid cedar feature walls, to the beach combed exterior cedar siding, everything has been considered to reduce excessive resource use.

We always strive to reduce waste and recycle materials that is why you will not see individually wrapped single use items at BCML.

In your room you will find delicious, fresh roasted coffee from our local roaster End of the Road Coffee in refillable jars. #endoftheroadcoffee

We are proud to provide soap, shampoo and conditioner from The Soap Dispensary in Vancouver supporters of zero waste living. #thesoapdispensary

Our “don’t throw in the towel” program allows you, our guest, to decide whether you would like fresh towels daily or to reuse towels for a day or two to save energy and water during your stay.

At our restaurant Brockton Bistro, we source ingredients as locally, organically and ethically as possible with a focus on freshness. Our restaurant avoids the use of Styrofoam and single use plastic including straws. Our kitchen waste is either composted or used to feed local livestock. Many of the fruits, vegetables and herbs served here are grown right here in the Bella Coola Valley.

Sustainability does not end with banning plastic straws and using a towel more than once, it is also about community. We, at BCML, believe in supporting our community by sponsoring local events, buying local and hiring locally whenever possible.

Sustainability and environmental stewardship are taken very seriously at Bella Coola Mountain Lodge and #BrocktonBistro. We hope you will enjoy the extra touches that help us all make a difference.

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