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As mountains rise from the valley floor waterfalls cascade down their rocky faces. Eagles soar above majestic old growth rainforest whilst bears roam the creeks. Nestled amongst the beauty of the Bella Coola Valley we offer a variety of spacious rooms & suites. Whether you are relaxing in your room or strolling through our gardens you are sure to have a truly authentic experience of the Great Bear Rainforest.

The Story

"When we came here this was a howling wilderness, the abode of wild animals, wolves, lynxs and bears with the grizzly bear supreme ruler" -Hagen B Christensen, Founder of Hagensborg

Believed to have been built around 1895 the original building stood as a two room cedar cabin, typical of the Norwegian houses in the area. Through the early 1900's travellers making the long 5-7 day journey to Williams Lake could find a restful place.


After a long hiatus the doors reopened in 1995. With the developing tourism industry two generations of the Koroluk family transformed the walls and exterior into a standout building in the Bella Coola Valley to house their guiding company and guests.

 New owners Jayme Kennedy and Pete Kovanda bring with them over 30 years of combined experience in the tourism industry and look forward to upholding Bella Coola Mountain Lodge's strong tradition and history of providing comfortable accommodation and memorable experiences.


An adventure in itself,

we are located on Highway 20

Part of the Great Bear Circle Route


Guided tours

Fantastic trails

You are moments away


We must all work together

We take our role  in environmental stewardship and conservation seriously at Bella Coola Mountain Lodge. We often go beyond the scope of  meeting normal community standards, which include:

    •    recycling in rooms and common areas

    •    sustainable flow shower heads in all rooms

    •    high efficiency appliances and laundry facilities

    •    composting of kitchen materials

    •    use of compact florescent lights or LED to reduce energy

    •    encouraging guests to re-use coffee and beverage cups at our espresso bar (Organic, Fair Trade Coffee served here…)

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